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01-VBLDL-241-1Vibe’s NEW  Professional 12W 131 LED downlight range is proof that you don’t need to compromise on quality to get an exceptionally low price.

These architecturally designed fittings are both modern & sleek and are a perfect replacement for any existing areas where halogen downlights are being used and are also ideal for new projects no matter how big or small.

The Vibe 12W LED Downlight range are a complete fitting and will be sure to add improved value to any Domestic, Commercial or Industrial application.

Some applications may include Homes, Hotels, Museums, Exhibitions, Restaurants, Cafes, Promotion Areas, supermarkets, office buildings, reception areas and bars.

Their permanently reduced prices make them affordable for any customer who is looking for a user friendly, yet superb looking product that is environmentally friendly (no mercury) and will assist in reducing energy and maintenance costs due to their long life of 40,000 hours.

Three different styles are available in this range, the Round Gimbal fitting is available in White and Satin Chrome and the Round or Square Fixed fitting which is available in White only, each giving them a professional yet versatile look. A colour temperature choice of either 3000K (Warm White) or 4000K (Cool White) is also available for each fitting.

**A dimmable version is also available.

So ACT NOW and visit your local lighting Wholesaler and ask to see Vibes NEW AMAZING LED Professional Downlight range – you’ll also be AMAZED by the quality and the low prices!

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Vibe Eco Lighting has launched a user friendly online website which allows the general public to purchase our eco-friendly products at competitive prices.

Vibe Eco Lighting are dedicated to providing environmentally friendly lighting products that are all Do-It-Yourself, so they are easy to install without having to get a qualified electrician in.

These products are carefully chosen to provide superior quality, while helping the environment at the same time. These products all have LED technology, as LED’s are at the forefront of new energy saving lighting.

Our eco-friendly LED products include:


LED GLS Lamp– a direct replacement for 60W incandescent globes and have a long life of 35,000 hours. Due to their long life and energy efficiency you can expect a reduction in your electricity and maintenance costs, which in turn puts money back into your pocket.


LED MR16 Lamp– a retrofit lamp meaning direct replacement, for 12V halogen 35W & 50W lamps. Due to their long life and energy efficiency you can expect a reduction in your electricity and maintenance costs, which in turn puts money back into your pocket.


LED GU10 Lamp– suitable replacements for 20W, 35W or 50W halogen lamps, they use the latest COB technology for excellent light output and save 80% on energy.


LED Strip Lights – perfect for anyone looking to add that extra flair to their home. They can be used for applications such as Cove Lighting, Architectural lighting, Canopies, Corridors, Windows, Archways & Backlight or edge lighting.


Vibe Eco Lighting products are easy to recognise, as they are in bright orange packaging. So when you are thinking of green lighting, look for the orange box and you won’t be disappointed.

To visit our website please click the following web address

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Vibe by Design Light Fitting

Vibe by Design Light Fitting

Look out Australia! ANL Lighting has a spectacular new light fitting series, which will surely wreak havoc for other lighting manufacturers.

ANL Lighting is proud to announce its new Vibe by Design light fitting series.

Vibe by Design offers both lighting products and services to help make life simpler for designers to specify quality lighting. This will drastically reduce energy costs and allowing an accelerated return on investment.

ANL Lighting Director, Eddy Awad, says “ The Vibe by Design range of Architectural light fittings are designed to give specifiers a quality alternative when choosing lights for either indoor or outdoor settings, that will suit various industries and have a very wide range of applications”.

Every Vibe by Design product is manufactured with quality components to give the end user outstanding service life, through strenuous testing and with the addition of looking vibrant at an affordable price.

The specially designed Vibe by Design catalogue contains all photometric data, lamp options, images, available accessories and different mounting options (where applicable).

To compliment the new light fitting series, an online replica of the catalogue was also designed ( to accommodate online users. The website is user friendly and contains easy to read information. The Vibe by Design website allows you to download on demand, individual Specification sheets and IES files of most products. Images of all accessories along with their product codes are also provided for accurate specifying and hassle free ordering.

With over 20 years experience in the lighting industry, ANL Lighting expect a strong uptake in the specification markets including Architects, Lighting Designers, Landscapers, Electrical Engineers, and Interior Designers.

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VIBE E27 Energy Saving CFL Downlight

VIBE E27 Energy Saving CFL Downlight

Switching to energy efficient lighting just got a whole lot easier with the E27 Energy Saving Downlights from VIBE Lighting.

The VIBE E27 Energy Saving Downlights are an energy efficient alternative to incandescent lighting with 80% more energy savings than standard incandescent lamps.

VIBE Marketing Co-ordinator Stephanie Leung: “With the new Building and Construction Authority regulations requiring a maximum of 5 watts per square meter, the Vibe E27 Energy Saving Downlights are a perfect way to replace banned incandescent lighting with an approved, energy efficient alternative.” T2 CFL technology will ensure high light output, quick start and an 8,000 hour long life from your CFL downlight. These improved, brighter fittings are perfect for domestic and small commercial applications. The energy saving downlights come complete with a die-cast aluminium reflector to enhance light spread and a frosted glass diffuser to minimise glare, making these fittings not only extremely efficient but also an attractive addition to any home.

The VIBE E27 Energy Saving Downlights are uniquely designed with large terminal blocks and an adjustable lamp holder to make installation easier than ever. The energy saving downlight range is available in a stylish white or satin chrome finish with an 11W, 15W or 20W T2 spiral compact fluorescent lamp with colour temperature options of warm white or daylight.

About VIBE

The VIBE brand of light fittings is synonymous with style and quality. VIBE supplies an ever growing network of lighting retailers and hardware stores, electricians, landscape designers, architects and builders with a wide range of lamps, light fittings and other electrical merchandise.

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Vibe T8-T5 Fluorescent-Converter

Vibe T8-T5 Fluorescent Tube Converter

Next time that fluorescent tube finally flickers and dies, think about this energy saving alternative from VIBE Lighting that could save you 35% in energy costs.

Rather than replacing the inefficient 36W T8 fluorescent tube with another one, VIBE has an eco-friendly convertor kit that allows a thinner, more efficient 28W T5 fluoro tube to be DIY installed in the existing fixture.

This simple retrofit – which can be installed by any home handyman – allows you to maximize your energy savings by using the more energy efficient T5 tube while also saving you the cost of replacing the existing T8 fixture.

The VIBE T8/T5 retrofit convertor kit features electronic ballasts that make stuttering starters redundant, while delivering excellent levels of light stability.

The Australian-approved convertor kits eliminate any flicker or hum commonly associated with tubes equipped with standard magnetic ballasts and have a 25,000 hour life – up to three times longer than the ‘fat’ T8 tubes.

The convertors are available in a variety of wattages matched with tube lengths:

14W – 600mm

21W – 900mm

28W -1200mm

35W -1500mm

There are two choices of VIBE T8/T5 convertor kit which can come with or without an optional high-grade reflector to focus strong, white fluorescent light on the task at hand and help reduce instances of fatigue and eye-strain associated with flickering tubes and dim lighting.

The convertor is easy to install and does not require any re-wiring or modification or any special tools – simply remove the old tube and standard magnetic starter ballast and install the adaptor and lamp.

Where existing fixtures are already equipped with an electronic ballast it must be removed by a registered electrician before the convertor kit can be installed.

Other features of the T8/T5 retro-kit include:

• Triphosphor tubes give full colour spectrum light output

• Higher colour index gives better colour reproduction (CRI of 83)

• High colour temperature for better visual acuity

• High power factor of 96 converts more energy to light

VIBE Lighting says an office replacing 200 conventional tubes with 28W T5 convertor kits could save an estimated $1305 in energy costs and more than 80kg of C02 per year.

VIBE says large users of energy for lighting such as hospitals, schools, offices and retail stores are set to benefit most by retro-fitting the convertor kits.

VIBE Lighting Marketing Co-Ordinator Stephanie Leung: “ There are any number of T5 fluorescent tubes on the market that can be used in the retro-kit. We recommend the 28W Hitachi T5 UV-Cut for its longer 25,000 hour life, its low mercury content of 2.5mg and because it cuts potentially harmful UV rays by up to 75%.”

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ARK LED Cabinet Lights

ARK LED Cabinet Lights

One of Australia’s leading suppliers of innovative LED lighting, VIBE Lighting, has unveiled its stylish ARK LED linear lighting range specifically designed for kitchens, furniture and cabinet lighting.

The elegant 5mm super-slim profile means that these new cabinet LED lights are certain to be popular with interior designers, furniture and cabinet manufacturers and with retailers looking to maximise cabinet display lighting while keeping energy costs low.

VIBE expects a strong uptake for the new linear lighting system from jewellers, gift stores, pharmacies and other up-market retailers looking for the latest in cutting edge SMD LED linear lighting with its various mounting capabilities.

The ARK LED strip lights are available in either 0.5W (per LED) with Cree chip or 1W (per LED) with the new Philips Rebel chip and a choice of warm or cool white. ARK comes in lengths of 480mm and 240mm for the 0.5W model and 480mm and 320mm in the 1W version.

The low energy range are available in brushed silver or black finish. The versatile strips are very simple to install and can be linked by direct connector or by a flexible cable joiner and require a 12VDC Constant Voltage LED driver.

No extra wiring is required and in most cases ARK can be installed either as part of the cabinet making process or on-site as part of the retail display and fitout. ARK can also be installed by the home handyman as a DIY project.

VIBE Marketing Co-ordinator Stephanie Leung: “ The ARK LED strips are a robust and easy to use lighting system with wide appeal to everyone from the designer looking to use accent lighting in a retail display or kitchen to theatre room lighting in the home and mood lighting in a modern hotel.

“ Using such low wattage, the ARK lighting system enables lighting and interior designers to use their creative skills without being constrained by high energy outcomes.”

VIBE ARK LED strip lighting boasts a host of key advantages:

• Dense low-power LEDs like ARK do not generate excessive levels of heat that can reduce LED lifespan or performance

• ARK delivers an excellent linear beam spread and superior lighting effect compared to the light dot emission from some high-powered LEDs

• ARK has unique plug-in, multi-pin connectors that enable two ARK strips to be connected closely without breaking the linear light spread – in other words there are no dark shadows

• ARK has three different mounting options that can be used for installation purposes in almost any situation.

• ARK can also work as an LED illumination fixture for general lighting purpose

• LED is a green and energy saving alternative to incandescent and halogen lighting

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Hitachi UV Cut Fluorescent Tube

Hitachi UV Cut Fluorescent Tube

We all know too much sun can cause sunburn, premature ageing of the skin and worse – that’s why we ‘slip, slop, slap’ and keep an eye on the daily UV index.
But did you know too many UV rays inside can be harmful as well?  Just ask any retailer with a shop full of fading or damaged merchandise and display materials.
UV rays emitted from interior pelmet, display and ceiling lighting can cause premature colour fading in all sorts of retail products – from jeans to magazine covers and everything in between.
UV rays can also result in light fittings becoming brittle and potentially dangerous over time as well as attracting swarming insects and bugs which die in the fitting and require constant maintenance. Prolonged exposure to UV rays are also potentially harmful to human eyes.
But the latest in the range of Hitachi UV-cut fluorescent tubes – the 28W T5 UV-cut thin fluorescent tubes reduce UV rays by 75%.
The lamps are coated on the inside with a UV light-reducing material making them gentle on eyes, skin and the merchandise.
Hitachi and their Australian distributor ANL Lighting, said the new 28W T5s also boast a longer 25,000 hour life, a low mercury content level of 2.5mg and increased operating efficiencies.
Available in warm and cool white, natural and daylight, the T5 UV-cut tubes have a colour spectral and colour rendering very close to natural light and for that reason are the lamp of choice for many art galleries around the world.
ANL expects demand for the Hitachi T5 UV-cut to come from the retail and restaurant industries as well as office, medical and education sectors.

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