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Microbrite Energy Saving Lamps

Microbrite Energy Saving Lamps

An expanded range of Micro-Brite Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL) are shining new light on the outlawed incandescent lamp replacement market and setting new standards in efficiency, power and longevity.

Now with a range from 5W to 15W (the equivalent of incandescent lamps 15W to 60W) the Micro-Brites shine just as brightly – but consume a lot less wattage and up to 80% less power.

As well as being super efficient, the Micro-Brite range, distributed in Australia by ANL Lighting, is rated from 18-25,000 hours – that’s four times longer than Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and eighteen times longer than incandescent lamps.

The 15W Micro-Brite CCFL is the world’s leading dimmable fluorescent lamp. With an output of 750 lumens the 15W Micro-Brite will replace incandescent lamps in dimmable applications that require more light output than lower wattage CCFLs.

Micro-Brite’s cold cathode technology allows it to dim to 10% of its light output without flickering. Unlike incandescent lamps that undergo colour shift when dimmed, the 15-watt Micro-Brite dims with consistent 2700K colour.

Virtually the same size and shape as incandescent lamps, Micro-Brites can be used in virtually any interior or exterior application where incandescent lamps are currently used including Hollywood or Las Vegas style perimeter signage lighting. They are flashable and dimmable to 10%.

ANL Lighting Director Phillip Hill: “ For the hospitality, retail, entertainment and medical industries who rely on the energy efficiencies of compact fluorescent lamps but want the versatility of incandescent lamps, the Micro-Brites come out shining.”

“ They can be flashed, strobed and work with dimmers and are indistinguishable from the incandescent lamps they replace – except for the vastly reduced running costs,” he said.

Typical applications will include general and track lighting, table lamps, signage, exterior, architectural and accent lighting.

Key features of the Micro- Bright range:

  • Expected life up to 25,000 hours
  • Can save up to 80% on energy costs
  • Brighter and more cost effective than LED
  • Available in clear and pure white finish
  • Long life cuts down on maintenance and lamp replacement cost
  • Available in colours pink, blue, green, red
  • Higher lumen output from smaller dimensions
  • Low operating temperatures
  • Immediate start – no flicker
Comparison Incandescent Vs Micro-Brite
Lamp Type 40W 8W
Hours per year 8,760 8,760
Watts per year 350,400 70,080
KWH per year 35,040 7,008
Kilowatt hour rate 0.15c 0.15c
Cost per socket $52.56 $10.51
Total cost for 18,000 hrs $108.00 $21.60
Total No of sockets 100 100
Total energy consumption $10,800.00 $2,160.00
Lamp cost (GLS $1/M$30) $18.00 $30.00
Labour cost est. $25 P/H $75.00 $4.20
Total cost per socket $201.00 $55.80

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