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Practical LED replacement Downlight Lamp

Practical LED replacement Downlight Lamp

Leading Australian lighting distributor VIBE, has switched on the latest in LED downlight technology with a new 7w LED MR16 style lamp and has the compact fluorescent and halogen replacement market firmly in its sights.

These high quality VIBE 7w MR16 downlights (with Nichia 183 LED’s), present as the most serious contender yet seen in the LED versus halogen downlight battle.

According to VIBE, the 7w MR16 LED is a major step forward in LED interior lighting and is available in both warm white (308 Lumens) and natural white (450 Lumens) and in two styles – one of which is 100% dimmable and is a direct replacement for most halogen MR16 type lamps.

LED in comparison to halogen has a much lower running cost, emits far less heat and has a lamp life that is at least 8 – 10 times longer.

VIBE director Phillip Hill said the new generation 7w LED MR16 lamps “are a persuasive economic and eco-friendly alternative compared to the energy hungry and inefficient 50-watt halogen lamps commonly used up until now.”

Philip Hill: ” At today’s power prices, the VIBE 7wLED MR16 lamp will use only $42 worth of electricity during its long 40,000 hour life*.”
(*based on 0.15c per Kwh)

Compare that with its 50-watt halogen competitor which will consume $300 worth of power over the same lifetime.”

VIBE says the savings in running costs and the long life of the 7w LED MR16, mean the average Australian household with around 50 downlights can save almost $13,000 off their power bill by switching to LED interior lighting
(based on all lamps running to their full 40,000hrs lamp life).

And this is before any expected rises in power prices are introduced which will only widen the gap, he said.

He said heavy-use commercial customers such as hotels and retailers were jumping at the latest in VIBE LED lighting technology because of its 40,000 hour lamp life and much lower running costs.

“ They can see the payback period for the initial outlay is relatively short due to much cheaper running costs. After that it’s all positive for them including lower air-conditioning costs as LED lighting runs much cooler and emits up to 90% less heat than halogen lighting.”

” The major users are also reporting a major reduction in maintenance costs and time spent replacing lights which with the old technology meant replacing blown lamps was almost a daily task,” he said.

Check these LED facts:
Operating Life
• LED MR 16 operating life: 40,000 hours (4.5 years)
• 50-watt fluoro halogen operating life: 4000 hours (5.5 months)
• LED last almost 10 times longer

Running Costs
• Cost per kwh (LED): 40,000 hours X 7 watt X 0.15c = $42
• Cost per kwh (halogen): 4000hours X 50 watt halogen X 0.15c = $300
• Power savings per life of LED lamp: $258
• Average number of downlights in a domestic dwelling: 50 X $258 = $12,900
(power saving per house)
• LED is 85% cheaper to run

• 13-watt LED emits 68% less CO2 than a 40-watt incandescent bulb on 10 hours per day

About VIBE
The VIBE brand of light fittings is synonymous with style and quality.
VIBE supplies a growing network of lighting retailers and hardware stores, electricians, landscape designers, architects and builders with a wide range of lamps, light fittings and other electrical merchandise.

About Nichia
The Nichia Corporation is a Japanese engineering and manufacturing company specialising in the manufacture of phosphors including light-emitting diodes (LEDs), battery materials and calcium chloride.

About LED
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and arguably produce the healthiest form of light, known as Full Spectrum, the closest to natural sunlight available. LED bulbs and tubes use diodes to produce light making them the most energy efficient of all the lighting systems. LED lights do not require starters or ballasts and so are more durable and longer-lasting than their fluorescent counterparts. Expect up to 50,000 hours from an LED.

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