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Vibes New LED Floodlight Range

Vibes New LED Floodlight Range

Vibe lighting is now showcasing their newly designed LED Floodlight range, which are a suitable replacement for Metal Halide floodlights.

They are a solid machined aluminium unit, with a black gloss powdercoating and have a polycarbonate face protecting the CREE LED chip inside. The fitting is IP65 rated, making them resistant to dust and water.

Vibe’s Product Development Manager, Stephen Forsyth says: “At Vibe Lighting we are always looking at providing a premium product by taking advantage of increasing improvements in technology and developments in design, while using quality materials. Vibe’s new range of 6 series LED Floodlights ticks all of the boxes, producing a high light output at a low energy consumption.”

In the LED Floodlight range there are 6 wattage variations, all having a life span of 50,000 hours. Please note that as the wattage increases, so do the dimensions and weight of each fitting.


Lumen output





35W Metal Halide

180 x 140 x 120mm



70W Metal Halide

225 x 183 x 125mm



100W Metal Halide

285 x 250 x 100mm



150W Metal Halide

280 x 250 x 155mm



250W Metal Halide

320 x 250 x 158mm



400W Metal Halide

422 x 340 x 158mm

All the fittings come with a flex and plug, have a colour temperature of 4000K (Cool White) as well as SAA approved certification.

These fitting can be used just about anywhere:

  • Sporting Arenas
  • Carparks
  • Abattoirs
  • Security lighting
  • Warehouses
  • Farms
  • Sheds
  • Gardens

The Vibe brand of light fittings is synonymous with style and quality. Vibe supplies an ever growing network of lighting retailers and hardware stores, electricians, landscape designers, architects and builders with a wide range of lamps, light fittings and other electrical merchandise.

Please call ANL Lighting on 1300 300 301 for further information

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VIBE LED Floodlight

VIBE LED Floodlight

The new Vibe LED Floodlight is set to wreak havoc on its halogen, HPS and metal halide competitors.

Compared to inefficient halogen floodlights, the new LED Floodlight by VIBE saves over 80% in electricity costs and has payback periods less than 12 months for commercial applications.

Long lasting and sturdy, The Vibe LED Floodlight reduces maintenance and replacement costs. The new LED Floods are IP65 rated, giving protection against the ingress of dust and against standard water jets with a nozzle and have a long lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

VIBE Director Philip Hill: “The new LED floodlights from VIBE Lighting are a huge breakthrough in technology. Never before has LED technology been so advanced, offered such high light output and been so energy efficient. These LED floods are in a whole new playing field compared to its halogen predecessor.”

VIBE expects a strong uptake in commercial applications including sporting stadiums, gymnasiums, advertising boards and in outdoor security lighting.

The black powder coated VIBE LED Floodlights are available in 10w, 20w, 30w and 50w in a cool white 4000K colour temperature.

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