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Vibe T8-T5 Fluorescent-Converter

Vibe T8-T5 Fluorescent Tube Converter

Next time that fluorescent tube finally flickers and dies, think about this energy saving alternative from VIBE Lighting that could save you 35% in energy costs.

Rather than replacing the inefficient 36W T8 fluorescent tube with another one, VIBE has an eco-friendly convertor kit that allows a thinner, more efficient 28W T5 fluoro tube to be DIY installed in the existing fixture.

This simple retrofit – which can be installed by any home handyman – allows you to maximize your energy savings by using the more energy efficient T5 tube while also saving you the cost of replacing the existing T8 fixture.

The VIBE T8/T5 retrofit convertor kit features electronic ballasts that make stuttering starters redundant, while delivering excellent levels of light stability.

The Australian-approved convertor kits eliminate any flicker or hum commonly associated with tubes equipped with standard magnetic ballasts and have a 25,000 hour life – up to three times longer than the ‘fat’ T8 tubes.

The convertors are available in a variety of wattages matched with tube lengths:

14W – 600mm

21W – 900mm

28W -1200mm

35W -1500mm

There are two choices of VIBE T8/T5 convertor kit which can come with or without an optional high-grade reflector to focus strong, white fluorescent light on the task at hand and help reduce instances of fatigue and eye-strain associated with flickering tubes and dim lighting.

The convertor is easy to install and does not require any re-wiring or modification or any special tools – simply remove the old tube and standard magnetic starter ballast and install the adaptor and lamp.

Where existing fixtures are already equipped with an electronic ballast it must be removed by a registered electrician before the convertor kit can be installed.

Other features of the T8/T5 retro-kit include:

• Triphosphor tubes give full colour spectrum light output

• Higher colour index gives better colour reproduction (CRI of 83)

• High colour temperature for better visual acuity

• High power factor of 96 converts more energy to light

VIBE Lighting says an office replacing 200 conventional tubes with 28W T5 convertor kits could save an estimated $1305 in energy costs and more than 80kg of C02 per year.

VIBE says large users of energy for lighting such as hospitals, schools, offices and retail stores are set to benefit most by retro-fitting the convertor kits.

VIBE Lighting Marketing Co-Ordinator Stephanie Leung: “ There are any number of T5 fluorescent tubes on the market that can be used in the retro-kit. We recommend the 28W Hitachi T5 UV-Cut for its longer 25,000 hour life, its low mercury content of 2.5mg and because it cuts potentially harmful UV rays by up to 75%.”

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