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Vibe Eco’s LED GLS Lamp

As energy prices soar, switching to energy efficient LED lighting has now become a whole lot easier for the general public, thanks to Vibe Eco’s LED GLS lamp.

Vibe Eco LED GLS lamps are a direct replacement for 60W Incandescent globes which are commonly found in household fittings.

Their long life of 35,000 hours and low power consumption of 7W, can save you 80% on energy as well as reducing your maintenance costs.

You can roughly expect an annual saving of $19.35 per lamp if they were operating at 5 hours per day, when switching over from a 60W incandescent to the 7W Vibe Eco GLS lamp. Times $19.35 by how many lamps you have in your home and the savings could be endless!

(These calculations may not apply to everyone, please visit to calculate your annual savings)

They are available in two base types: Edison Screw (ES) and Bayonet Cap (BC) as well as two colour temperatures of 3000K (Warm White) and 5000K (Natural White).

As an added feature the LED GLS lamp is available in a dimmable version and will operate on most Leading and Trailing edge dimmers (BC only).

Their 180° beam angle makes them ideal for other applications such as:

  • General lighting
  • Table lamps
  • Free standing lamps
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Chandeliers

To ensure peace of mind, they come with a 2 year warranty and are SAA & EMC certified.

For business enquiries please call ANL Lighting on 1300 300 301, for residential enquiries please visit the Vibe Eco Website

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Earthmate - Environmentally Friendly CFL

Earthmate - Environmentally Friendly CFL

This is Earthmate, Australia’s most environmentally sensitive compact fluorescent light globe according to its distributor ANL Lighting, who is hoping it will become our most switched on green globe.

From its 100% recycled packaging to its compact size, the mini Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) is super energy efficient, long lasting and contains as little as 1mg of mercury ­ 80% less than most other globes which have 5mg of mercury ­ and a major step forward in the product recycling process.

ANL says Earthmate has been designed to reduce greenhouse emissions by reducing the amount of energy used in lighting.

Domestic, commercial and industrial lighting consumes around 25% of all electrical energy generated. The aim of  Earthmate is to reduce that figure and fight global warming in three key areas:

  • Earthmate consumes 75% less energy than incandescent globes
  • Earthmate will last up to 10,000 hours ­ up to 10 times longer than incandescents
  • Earthmate contains as little as 1mg of mercury most other globes contain 5mg or more

ANL Lighting Marketing Manager Stephanie Leung says Earthmate is a leading international example of Environmentally responsible product lifecycle and design.

It starts in the manufacturing process using 80% less mercury, lead free solder and other developments and continues through packaging using 100% post-consumer waste ­ even our ink is soy-based!

The product itself is very efficient and when it comes time to recycle Earthmate contains as little as 1mg of mercury which can be re-claimed and used in dental healthcare.

Their small size is also a plus for the environment in terms of transport and storage.

Recycling experts estimate the mercury from just one globe – 5 mg – leaching from landfill into the water table – is enough to contaminate 5000 litres of drinking water.

It is estimated Australians currently recycle less than 2% of all light globes with more than 70million going to landfill annually.

Designed to fit into most fixtures, the Earthmate range of light globes ­ available in both bayonet (BC) and screw-in (ES) models  (also available in small bayonet Cap (SBC) and small screw-in (SES) models for 7 watt range)-  are compact, bright and provide a soft, warm light similar to incandescent models.

Typical applications for Earthmate include general lighting, recessed can lighting, table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling fixtures.

At 70+ lumens per watt for high efficacy and instant on flicker free start up, there is no need to sacrifice the quality of light while benefiting the planet.

Available in two different colour temperatures – 2700K and 5000K – and multiple wattages, Earthmate globes are a bright choice for any situation.

There’s an Earthmate replacement globe for almost every residential application including:

Earthmate Conversion Guide
7W (CFL)    30W (Incandescent)
11W           ­   60W
15W ­             75W
20W ­            100W
23W ­            120W

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