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LED PLC Replacement Downlight

Vibe’s Product Development Manager, Stephen Forsyth says: “Vibe Lighting has looked at the need to have a more efficient LED option to replace standard 2 x 18W and 2 x 26W PLC downlights. The Vibe LED PLC Replacement Downlight has a clean, flat finish, leaving a high building presentation and is also a great option for premium residential living areas.”

This architecturally designed fitting is dimmable on most domestic or commercial lighting systems, provided you have the appropriate driver. The LED replacement downlight is available in two wattages, with a 4000K (cool white) colour temperature: a 19W, which replaces a 2 x 18W PLC and a 24W, which replaces a 2 x 26W PLC.

Their low power consumption, energy efficiency and long life of 50,000 hours assist in reducing not only electricity costs, but also maintenance costs. They have a high CRI of 75 and a beam angle of 100°, making them ideal for applications such as:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Corridors
  • Offices
  • Receptions
  • Restaurants
  • Retail shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping Centres
  • Bars
  • Toilets
  • and any other areas where general lighting is required.

Quite often in lighting product specification sheets, it will mention a CRI rating, the CRI or Colour Rendering Index is a measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colour of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. The CRI simply rates the colour rendering out of 100, the higher the index the better the colour rendering.

The Vibe brand of light fittings is synonymous with style and quality. Vibe supplies an ever growing network of lighting retailers and hardware stores, electricians, landscape designers, architects and builders with a wide range of lamps, light fittings and other electrical merchandise.

For more information on the Vibe LED PLC Replacement Downlight, please call ANL Lighting on 1300 300 301.

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01-VBLDL-241-1Vibe’s NEW  Professional 12W 131 LED downlight range is proof that you don’t need to compromise on quality to get an exceptionally low price.

These architecturally designed fittings are both modern & sleek and are a perfect replacement for any existing areas where halogen downlights are being used and are also ideal for new projects no matter how big or small.

The Vibe 12W LED Downlight range are a complete fitting and will be sure to add improved value to any Domestic, Commercial or Industrial application.

Some applications may include Homes, Hotels, Museums, Exhibitions, Restaurants, Cafes, Promotion Areas, supermarkets, office buildings, reception areas and bars.

Their permanently reduced prices make them affordable for any customer who is looking for a user friendly, yet superb looking product that is environmentally friendly (no mercury) and will assist in reducing energy and maintenance costs due to their long life of 40,000 hours.

Three different styles are available in this range, the Round Gimbal fitting is available in White and Satin Chrome and the Round or Square Fixed fitting which is available in White only, each giving them a professional yet versatile look. A colour temperature choice of either 3000K (Warm White) or 4000K (Cool White) is also available for each fitting.

**A dimmable version is also available.

So ACT NOW and visit your local lighting Wholesaler and ask to see Vibes NEW AMAZING LED Professional Downlight range – you’ll also be AMAZED by the quality and the low prices!

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Vibe Eco’s 9W LED Retrofit Downlight lamp

As we all know, saving money on electricity has become quite a hot topic for most citizens over the last 6 months.

On the 3rd December 2012, Today Tonight produced a short 6 minute video, which involved a family who invited experts into their home, they assisted in giving them as much useful information and products that would help reduce as much energy consumption as possible. Everything that was talked about can easily be applied to your home or workplace.

During the video, Energy auditor Petar Basanovic from Water and Energy Savers, informed viewers and the family that “Halogen globes run about 50 watts each”. So it was goodbye to 28 energy munching halogens and say hello to 28 energy saving, eco-friendly LED’s.

The brand he recommended to replace the Halogen globes are in fact ANL Lighting’s Vibe Eco brand.

Vibe Eco Lighting is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly lighting products to the general public. These products are all Do-It-Yourself products, so they are easy to install without having to get a qualified electrician in. Vibe Eco Lighting aim to support local retailers and protect the environment with these eco-friendly products.

These products are carefully chosen to provide superior quality, while helping the environment at the same time. These products all have LED technology, as LED’s are at the forefront of new energy saving lighting.

Vibe Eco Lighting products are easy to recognise, as they are in bright orange packaging. So when you are thinking of green lighting, look for the orange box and you won’t be disappointed.

The lamp he chose was the Vibe Eco 9W LED Retrofit lamp, also known as a direct replacement lamp. As mentioned, this lamp has an extremely long life of 50,000 hours which assists in saving you up to 80% on energy and maintenance costs. They are available in a 6W & 9W with two colour temperature choices of 3000K (warm white) & 4000K (cool white).

More helpful DIY tips include:

  • Switching over to more energy efficient lighting such as LED’s
  • Turning off all appliances at the power point
  • When thinking of buying new appliances, make sure you check their energy star rating – the more stars the better
  • Decrease thermostats on heater – this can save you 15%
  • When purchasing a new computer consider a laptop, as it uses around 60W of power, whereas a Desktop uses 300W.
  • When it comes to bathing time choose to have a shower rather then a bath. 5 minute showers are sufficient, if you need to, buy a timer.
  • Wash your dishes in a sink rather than using a dishwasher.
  • When washing clothes, only put a full load on
  • Turn off the lights once you leave the room.
  • When you wake up in the morning, instead of turning the light on, open your curtains and let light into your room that way.
  • Save energy by hanging your clothes on the clothes line rather than using the dryer.
  • If you can, switch from electric to gas hot water.
  • Try and use a Microwave to cook your meal whenever possible, as it uses less than half the energy of an oven.
  • If possible use your fire place for warmth rather than your heating system

Although the initial cost’s on trying to reduce energy consumption may be high, the amount of money you will save in the long run is never ending.

To view the video and the Today Tonight article, please click on the link

To find out more about this energy saving, eco-friendly product, please see our previous article

or visit our website to search for your local retailer who stocks the Vibe Eco brand

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Vibe 10W LED Downlight Fitting

Vibe 10W LED Downlight Fitting

As electricity prices soar, switching to energy efficient lighting just got a whole lot easier with Vibe’s new 10W LED Downlight!
Leading Australian light distributor Vibe is introducing the new multi purpose 10W LED Downlight, which is now available as an alternative or replacement option for the 50W Halogen Downlight.
The environmentally friendly Downlight has zero mercury, lead, infrared / ultra-violet rays or other dangerous substances and saves you 60% more on your electricity bills than the 50W Halogen lamp.
Vibe Product Development Manager Stephen Forsyth says “We have been working hard with our engineers and manufacturers to put forward a quality LED alternative for our current Halogen Downlight. We uniquely designed the product to be simple, stylish and affordable. We believe the VBLDL10W range will put money back into customer’s pockets and make it easy and affordable to lower carbon emissions”.
The stylish, light weight product of only 640g has dimensions of Ø116 x 62mm, with a beam angle of 150° and will surely compliment any area you wish to highlight. The extensive range is available in either a Silver or White fitting with a colour temperature choice of either Warm White or Natural White.
Vibe expect a strong uptake of this product in Commercial, Industrial, and Domestic applications such as Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Night Clubs, Office Buildings, Homes, Showrooms, Museums, Galleries, Factories, Gaming Centres and Schools.
Taking only a few months to pay itself back, you can expect the LED Downlight of 50,000 hours to last a decade.


Hours a Day           Years of Life
24 hours a day           5.7 years
18 hours a day           7.6 years
12 hours a day           11.4 years
8 hours a day             17.1 years
The Vibe brand of light fittings is synonymous with style and quality. Vibe supplies an ever
growing network of lighting retailers and hardware stores, electricians, landscape
designers, architects and builders with a wide range of lamps, light fittings and other
electrical merchandise.

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VIBE E27 Energy Saving CFL Downlight

VIBE E27 Energy Saving CFL Downlight

Switching to energy efficient lighting just got a whole lot easier with the E27 Energy Saving Downlights from VIBE Lighting.

The VIBE E27 Energy Saving Downlights are an energy efficient alternative to incandescent lighting with 80% more energy savings than standard incandescent lamps.

VIBE Marketing Co-ordinator Stephanie Leung: “With the new Building and Construction Authority regulations requiring a maximum of 5 watts per square meter, the Vibe E27 Energy Saving Downlights are a perfect way to replace banned incandescent lighting with an approved, energy efficient alternative.” T2 CFL technology will ensure high light output, quick start and an 8,000 hour long life from your CFL downlight. These improved, brighter fittings are perfect for domestic and small commercial applications. The energy saving downlights come complete with a die-cast aluminium reflector to enhance light spread and a frosted glass diffuser to minimise glare, making these fittings not only extremely efficient but also an attractive addition to any home.

The VIBE E27 Energy Saving Downlights are uniquely designed with large terminal blocks and an adjustable lamp holder to make installation easier than ever. The energy saving downlight range is available in a stylish white or satin chrome finish with an 11W, 15W or 20W T2 spiral compact fluorescent lamp with colour temperature options of warm white or daylight.

About VIBE

The VIBE brand of light fittings is synonymous with style and quality. VIBE supplies an ever growing network of lighting retailers and hardware stores, electricians, landscape designers, architects and builders with a wide range of lamps, light fittings and other electrical merchandise.

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