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LED alternative to Fluorescent Tubes Fittings

LED alternative to Fluorescent Tubes Fittings

Vibe lighting have recently released the perfect solution for upgrading fluorescent tube fittings to LED, with their new ‘Express’ LED T-Bar Troffer.

With a modern design and omni-directional luminance control (OLC), providing excellent lighting without glare, they are ideal for many applications, such as office buildings, meeting rooms, schools, retail stores and shopping centres etc.

Vibe’s Product Development Manager, Stephen Forsyth says: “The Vibe LED T-bar Troffer provides an exciting alternative to fluorescent fittings with 40% savings in power. They provide a direct swap over solution to replace old fittings that are no longer providing quality results for your lighting and a perfect alternative when providing new installations. They out-perform their T5 equivalents and have fantastic lumen integrity and maintenance free operation for greater than 30,000 hours. They generate excellent quality of light using Samsung LED technology. You will truly be impressed with the results and be assured they can offer you great return on investment.”

They come in two different sizes: 2x20W 1195x295mm rectangular with a 1178x278mm cutout, which replaces a 2x36W T8 fluorescent or 4x10W 595x595mm with a 578x578mm cutout, which replaces a 4x18W T8 fluorescent fitting.

These fittings are easy to install and maintain, and are available in colour temperatures of 4000K (Warm White) and 5000K (Natural White). As an added benefit, they can be dimmed on most HPM / CLIPSAL leading or trailing edge dimmers and on most commercial lighting systems.

A wide beam angle of 120º and CRI of 80 gives an even, yet comfortable light spread, while a lifespan of 30,000 hours reduces maintenance and energy costs, giving you peace of mind.

So contact ANL Lighting on 1300 300 301 or visit to upgrade to the Express LED T-Bar Troffer.

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Vibe Eco Lighting has launched a user friendly online website which allows the general public to purchase our eco-friendly products at competitive prices.

Vibe Eco Lighting are dedicated to providing environmentally friendly lighting products that are all Do-It-Yourself, so they are easy to install without having to get a qualified electrician in.

These products are carefully chosen to provide superior quality, while helping the environment at the same time. These products all have LED technology, as LED’s are at the forefront of new energy saving lighting.

Our eco-friendly LED products include:


LED GLS Lamp– a direct replacement for 60W incandescent globes and have a long life of 35,000 hours. Due to their long life and energy efficiency you can expect a reduction in your electricity and maintenance costs, which in turn puts money back into your pocket.


LED MR16 Lamp– a retrofit lamp meaning direct replacement, for 12V halogen 35W & 50W lamps. Due to their long life and energy efficiency you can expect a reduction in your electricity and maintenance costs, which in turn puts money back into your pocket.


LED GU10 Lamp– suitable replacements for 20W, 35W or 50W halogen lamps, they use the latest COB technology for excellent light output and save 80% on energy.


LED Strip Lights – perfect for anyone looking to add that extra flair to their home. They can be used for applications such as Cove Lighting, Architectural lighting, Canopies, Corridors, Windows, Archways & Backlight or edge lighting.


Vibe Eco Lighting products are easy to recognise, as they are in bright orange packaging. So when you are thinking of green lighting, look for the orange box and you won’t be disappointed.

To visit our website please click the following web address

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