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ARK LED Cabinet Lights

ARK LED Cabinet Lights

One of Australia’s leading suppliers of innovative LED lighting, VIBE Lighting, has unveiled its stylish ARK LED linear lighting range specifically designed for kitchens, furniture and cabinet lighting.

The elegant 5mm super-slim profile means that these new cabinet LED lights are certain to be popular with interior designers, furniture and cabinet manufacturers and with retailers looking to maximise cabinet display lighting while keeping energy costs low.

VIBE expects a strong uptake for the new linear lighting system from jewellers, gift stores, pharmacies and other up-market retailers looking for the latest in cutting edge SMD LED linear lighting with its various mounting capabilities.

The ARK LED strip lights are available in either 0.5W (per LED) with Cree chip or 1W (per LED) with the new Philips Rebel chip and a choice of warm or cool white. ARK comes in lengths of 480mm and 240mm for the 0.5W model and 480mm and 320mm in the 1W version.

The low energy range are available in brushed silver or black finish. The versatile strips are very simple to install and can be linked by direct connector or by a flexible cable joiner and require a 12VDC Constant Voltage LED driver.

No extra wiring is required and in most cases ARK can be installed either as part of the cabinet making process or on-site as part of the retail display and fitout. ARK can also be installed by the home handyman as a DIY project.

VIBE Marketing Co-ordinator Stephanie Leung: “ The ARK LED strips are a robust and easy to use lighting system with wide appeal to everyone from the designer looking to use accent lighting in a retail display or kitchen to theatre room lighting in the home and mood lighting in a modern hotel.

“ Using such low wattage, the ARK lighting system enables lighting and interior designers to use their creative skills without being constrained by high energy outcomes.”

VIBE ARK LED strip lighting boasts a host of key advantages:

• Dense low-power LEDs like ARK do not generate excessive levels of heat that can reduce LED lifespan or performance

• ARK delivers an excellent linear beam spread and superior lighting effect compared to the light dot emission from some high-powered LEDs

• ARK has unique plug-in, multi-pin connectors that enable two ARK strips to be connected closely without breaking the linear light spread – in other words there are no dark shadows

• ARK has three different mounting options that can be used for installation purposes in almost any situation.

• ARK can also work as an LED illumination fixture for general lighting purpose

• LED is a green and energy saving alternative to incandescent and halogen lighting

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