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42W halogen lamp from VIBE is an ideal, energy efficient replacement for 60W incandescent

42W halogen lamp from VIBE is an ideal, energy efficient replacement for 60W incandescent

As electricity costs continue to soar, the new release energy-saving 42W halogen GLS lamps from VIBE, are a 30% more efficient replacement for the banned 60W incandescent lamps.

Using a standard batten or screw-in base, the VIBE 42W halogen GLS range has been developed using an improved filament and halogen compound gas which reduces radiation emission and prolongs the lifespan of the lamps.

With the average annual household lighting bill now exceeding $100, all energy savings add up and save greenhouse gas emissions as well.

Using no harmful mercury in its manufacturing process, the VIBE halogen lamps are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Rated at 2000 hours (twice the life of original lamps) the new VIBE energy-saving halogens are dimmable and will maintain a consistent colour temperature and a 100% colour rendering for their entire life.

The halogen range from VIBE – available in easy to recognise hang-sell packaging –  also includes 28W (replacement for 40W incandescent), 53W (75W incandescent) and 70W (100W incandescent).

Look for VIBE in retail outlets including hardware, supermarkets and specialist electrical and light fitting stores.

Key features include:

• Standard E27 & B22 base

• 30% energy saving

• 100% colour rendering

• 100% instant activation

• Dimmable

• Available individual hang-sell blister pack

• No harmful mercury

• Environmentally friendly

• Zero flicker/ minimise eye strain

• Constant colour temperature

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